There has been an explosion of new business start ups in recent years. The internet has been instrumental in enabling people with ambitions of starting a new business to get one going from nothing and often without significant investment. Many of these businesses are doing fantastically well and are changing the way other professions operate for the better. However some are struggling with the stresses and challenges that running a new business demands.

Life coaches who specialise in business coaching can be particularly effective aids for a new business or start-up whether they are struggling or flying ahead. As with established businesses small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can suffer with pressure from new challenges such as:

  • work overload on fewer staff

  • taking on too much responsibility

  • growing so fast it’s hard to keep on top of things

  • employee disputes and morale

  • staff training/development needs

  • HR regulation and issues

  • employing new staff and losing others

  • dealing with larger corporations.

These issues are in addition to any challenges faced by the work that the new business is doing, and while larger companies will face the same issues at some point, they have probably done that already and come through it with help and perhaps business advice.

SMEs and new businesses tend to be more agile and can cope with a lot of challenges, but some come with added pressure and taking business advice from an experienced and qualified life or business coach can be really helpful.


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