Is now the right time for me?

During these strange times you might be re-evaluating your life, is now the perfect time to take stock and consider making some changes or does the thought of changing anything now feel over whelming?

Maybe you are feeling stuck, maybe you want to make a change but you aren't sure what or how, it could be that you know you want things to be different after lockdown but can't quite decide exactly what needs to change?

It can be frustrating but a coach can help you really get focussed on what you want and how you are going to make it happen.

Do you want to leave lockdown slimmer and healthier, with a new career direction, with better relationships, a plan for retirement or a plan to sort your finances?

If you are considering working with a coach why not set up an initial chat and see if you think it will be for you? You have nothing to lose by talking the idea through.

Now might just be the right time to start investing in yourself

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