Get the Most out of Life

Do you find your staff unmotivated, perhaps finding it a chore coming to work?

Are sickness levels high?

Do you feel your employees don’t truly believe in who and what they’re working for?

What is staff coaching?

Staff coaching is a branch of business coaching that can help motivate staff, resulting in a more pleasant and productive working atmosphere, bringing benefits for both employees and employers.

Instead of the typical often ineffective ‘team-building’ activities many businesses partake in, life coaching offers practical solutions to get to the heart of the business and improve morale and motivation.

In these difficult times when many people are being made redundant, employees feel they are under increasing pressure to work harder to hang onto their jobs. This can cause burn-out, illness, and other stress related problems which can lead to time off.

Business coaching, until recent years, was something that generally only applied to those high up in a company – executives, managing directors, etc. However, it is now widely available to all as a professional development tool.

There are many issues that can arise within a business, small or large which it is worth seeking professional business advice or help for:

  • poor staff morale 

  • conflicts between staff members

  • staff lacking focus

  • stress due to fear of redundancy

  • work/life balance

  • employees not realising their full potential, feeling undervalued

  • increase staff commitment.

How can staff coaching help?

Staff coaching works in a similar way to individual coaching - providing motivation, helping to set business goals, and helping staff reach their potentials. Life coaching address all areas, such as relationship, stress, and career. This can all be applied in a business environment, motivating staff to achieve their best for a company they believe in.

Coaching can be done in-house, providing a situation for all the staff to be on a level playing field in a group situation, or one-on-one sessions to address individual staff development/training needs.

It can provide helpful and useful suggestions for business goals and action plans that reap more rewards, as opposed to ineffectual or unachievable plans that are never put into action.


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